Coaching for professionals

Getting things moving

The next step…

You are a professional who finds him/herself at a crossroads and you are ready for the next step. You want to pause and reflect on questions such as: where do I stand at this moment, which direction do I want to go, what is holding me back?

Through my commitment, my pointed questions and intensive one-to-one sessions, I will support and facilitate you in finding the answers. Then you can confidently take your next step.

Aletrino Coaching is the coaching bureau in The Hague for professionals who wish to work on personal leadership, development and growth.

For professionals ‘on a crossroad’


You are a passionate professional who is ready for the next step whether you are at the start, halfway or nearing the end of your career. You want to take the time to reflect under the guidance of an expert coach. You consider “Not knowing (yet)” to be an opportunity.

For professionals with an essential question


You are an executive, manager, whose team or organisation is currently going through a change process or is otherwise facing a challenging critical business decision or dilemma. You feel the need for specialised help at this moment.

Furthermore for anyone who …


… is willing to invest in his/her personal development, who wants to take matters into their own hands and prepare for the next step under expert guidance.

“We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

Brené Brown, research professor and author of a.o. Dare to lead