Coaching for professionals

Getting things in motion by connecting at a deeper level



The initiative

I always start with a personal intake session. During this exploratory meeting we become acquainted and discuss your (coaching) question. We also cover my approach, the expectations and what the desired outcome of the coaching should be.


Duration of the sessions and extent of the process

The sessions will last one and a half to two hours. Often three to five sessions are sufficient. Of course, a more extensive programme is also possible.

The investment



The fees for coaching are based on an hourly rate. It is also possible to agree on fixed fee for a full coaching process. All in consultation. An increasing number of employers recognise the importance of coaching and are therefore prepared to cover all or part of the costs.



After estimating the number of sessions required, you will receive a proposal and information about the services provided. After approval, we will get started.

A pleasant location


The physical space in which the coaching takes place matters. That’s why I keep a light and comfortable office in a pleasant location in The Hague, where we can work in peace and privacy.

On request, the sessions can also take place elsewhere. This may entail an additional fee for travel expenses.

Online coaching

If preferred the sessions can take place online via Zoom or MS Teams.

“I feel more comfortable, see things more positively. Wendelien has helped me to show more of my vulnerable side.”