Aletrino: coaching for professionals


As an experienced, NOBCO/EMCC certified coach, I support professionals in the field of personal leadership, executive coaching and conflict coaching.

Personal leadership


Supporting you in getting a better insight into yourself, your talents, capacities and ambitions and how you can use these effectively in your work or in your search for a (different) position or new career path.

Personal Coaching


Based on your individual coaching goal, you will receive help in finding answers, for example, in attaining a better work life balance or a change of position.

Executive coaching


It often feels ‘lonely at the top’ for managers and those with final responsibility. You need a sparring partner who offers more than just a listening ear. Never judging, but asking sharp questions, so that we can we get to the core of the issue.

Conflict coaching


Conflict? In my former role as a certified mediator, I contributed to the resolution of numerous conflicts. As a conflict coach I utilise this background and experience. I help you to get an insight into your conflict style(s). We investigate what is going on sometimes at a deeper level. Together we find the approach that suits you on the way to a solution that works.


Professional services

Law firms, notary, consultancy, accountancy.


Financial institutions, energy suppliers, food industry, insurance companies, ICT, telecom, etc.

Public services

Courts and administrations of justice, ministries, provinces, water boards, municipal institutions.


Universities, higher professional education, secondary education.


Medical associations, general practitioners, specialists, physiotherapists.

Non-profit institutions

Cultural institutions, social organisations, associations, foundations.

“Wendelien is a good listener, asks good questions, and she is able to see dig deeper where necessary. She stays in connection. She is involved but not too much. She is also a professional in that respect.”