Professionals in balance

Coaching by and for professionals

Open minded, quick to the point and very committed

I have worked with great pleasure through my company Aletrino Coaching for more than 10 years.

With my background as a lawyer and a strong sense of interpersonal relationships, I have been dedicated for years to helping professionals achieve balance, personal development and inner growth.

About Wendelien


  • Independent (executive) coach with more than ten years of experience
  • Team coach for teams that want to improve their cooperation/working relationship
  • Guidance in intervision/supervision
  • External confidant for companies
  • Former MfN-registered mediator specialised in labour and business matters



  • Center for Executive Coaching, VU University Amsterdam
  • Coaching for Professionals Programme, School for Coaching, Utrecht
  • 20 years of experience as an independent certified business mediator
  • PRI (Past Reality Integration)
  • Loss coaching, WoutersvanDam
  • Master’s degree in civil law at Leiden University



I hold an EIA certification (practioner level). EIA stands for European Individual Accreditation. It is the quality label for professional coaches and is valid worldwide. I am also registered with NOBCO (Dutch Association of Professional Coaches)/EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Counsel).


Code of ethics

I work in accordance with the International Code of Ethics. I also support the Diversity Statement of EMCC. Click here for the full texts in PDF.

Wendelien as a coach


  • Compassionate
  • Explorative
  • Focussed on results and solutions


And subsequently

  • Involved, warm
  • Enthusiastic and energetic
  • Quick to the essence



My clients are professionals from the legal profession, the administration of justice, the business world, healthcare, the government and higher (university) professional education.

“Wendelien knows like no other how to put her finger on the right spot.”